Once upon a time, in a far far away promised land, there was a kingdom called Waterlouse in which people who were able to control the water power were born and lived at. 

The King Thomas and Queen Elizabeth were the rulers of this magical place, they served their people by protecting them from outsiders and was in fact, the richest and most improved kingdom from all around Imagiland.

There was a child who’s name was Emily, which was product of the love from the king and queen, she was such a nice and beautiful princess but also an incredible little rebel warrior. She was always going out of the kingdom with the warriors command on expedition, but one day, visiting their enemy kingdom’s barrier, she went out of sight from the group…

― Oh no! Where’s my map? ― Emily started looking for her map on her bag ― Jesus, it must be here

― Hey beautiful, you lost this? ― someone talked behind her so she jumped and took out her knife pointing at the boy who was leaned on a big green pine

― Give me my map! Who do you think you are? ― she tried to take the map out of his hands, failing in her try ― I’m princess Emily of Waterlouse and I demand you to give me my map back! 

― Oh really? Well, I’m prince Ferdinand from Fireland and as you may know, you’re stepping on my land so you must do what I order you ― he smiled flirty 

― You know that if I wanted, I could have already kicked you― she smiled with arrogance 

And by the other side, the whole warrior squad was looking for her really worried because what Emily didn’t knew was that Fireland was the worst enemy kingdom Waterlouse has ever had and how dangerous it was for her being out there alone knowing prince Ferdinand loved playing with girls.

But back to them two doing negotiations…

― Sweetie, I’m not scared of you and less from what you can do. I’m me and you are you, so let’s fix this in the easiest way possible ― Ferdinand said 

― What do you want from me? I’m just exploring around here

― Yes, I know, but I think you’re really cute and we can make something that can benefit both of us ― he approached to her 

― Really? I think you’re cute too… 

― So here’s the deal, you give me a kiss on the cheek and you’ll get your map, take it or leave it ― he smiled with fake innocence approaching and invading her personal space but she didn’t step back 

― Well, it’s not that bad so I guess I accept ― she smiled back and got on tip toes to kiss Ferdinand’s cheek but when she was about to, Ferdinand turned and kiss her on the lips 

Emily was shocked at first but then she accepted the little ”innocent” kiss and after a couple of seconds, a magic wind mixing red and blue started surrounding them and turning purple. 

Emily started feeling dizzy and decided to cut the kiss, but when this happened, she started feeling something in her belly and looked up to Ferdinand. 

― What did you do to me?! ― she screamed with fear 

― Well, you got the incredible gift of the fire power ― he smiled evilly ― But I must go now, my girlfriend is waiting for me, byeeee

― he waved her and started running back to her castle

― Oh Jesus….. ― she started feeling like the world was turning and suddenly everything went black…


― How is this even possible?! My child can’t have that power! ― manly screams filled the room ― She’s only 16, she can even die! 

― Oh my god! She has to keep it and be responsible, she won’t die because we will take care of her ― Queen Elizabeth state with tears in her eyes but furious ― None of the magicians in this kingdom will extract the power from her, and it’s a strict order from the King and Queen!

― No! I don’t want this power and the decision is mine! ― Emily suddenly woke up ― I will get the power extracted and you’re not going to stop me! ― so she got out of bed and instantly ran away from the medical room without letting anyone catch her

With tears dripping from her blue eyes, running away from her nightmare with only her knife and her new power, she entered the big dark woods with her heart broken and her ideas made a doom. 

― I need to find a magician real quick, I can’t let this power consume me, it has to be out by the end of this day ― she whispered more to herself than to any other person in the woods ― There has to be someone who knows how to…..

― Do you need my help? ― someone appear in front of her cutting her path and making her freeze ― I heard you a couple of miles back,  you have an strange power, right? 

― Ye-yes, I’m from Waterlouse and I have now inside me a fire power ― she stuttered with a frightened look  

― I’m Mr. Sinister, a profession magic and and I can help you only, but only, if you get me inside Waterlouse kingdom as a new Water Magician ― he extend his hand ― If you shake my hand, the deal will be sealed and immediately you will get rid of that strange power you have 

Emily was so shocked that she took his hand with no hesitation, without knowing it was all a trap from prince Ferdinand to kill her so Fireland could attack the kingdom when most vulnerable they were. 

So when Emily took his hand, the sky turned dark, covered in gray clouds, Emily felt how his hands started burning and a red cloud surrounded both of them, specially Emily, she felt like everything was turning around, with a strange pain in all her body and like she was getting smaller and smaller, when suddenly, the sky went back to the it’s original mood, the magician was still there but Emily wasn’t. 

A lightning was heard and suddenly everything went black for Emily and she vanished from Earth’s land.